Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Tour Kick-Off and Giveaway: Smitten Image by Pam B. Morris

Magic and love might save them, but can they survive each other?

In high-speed, high-tech New Chicago, 2039, magic has gone viral. Lily Barnett, a brilliant but drifty artist wanders into a strange magic shop where she impulsively guzzles a love potion. Erratic and unpredictable powers awake inside her. Her houseplants turn ravenous and strings of flamingo lights spout poetry. When she paints a portrait of her perfect man, he steps free of the canvas and stalks her. Desperate, she turns to her best friend, Daniel, for help.
But Daniel has problems of his own. He’s a telepath who must shield thoughts, emotions, and desires or go mad. He wants Lily, desperately, but knows his passion will drive her away and that his friendship is of more value to her than his love.
As Lily negotiates the catastrophic blends of her fear, imagination, and chaotic magic, Daniel must fight against his own impenetrable reserve and the psychic gifts he’s always despised.
Magic and love might save them, but can they survive each other?
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Quick Facts
Release Date: July 23, 2012
Genre: Futuristic Paranormal Romance
Formats: Kindle/Nook/Soon to be released in print
Publisher: Crimson Romance Publishing
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The Author
As soon as I could read, I fell in love with books. Born and raised in Montana, I live in the Bitteroot Valley with my husband and near our two grown, intelligent and creative kids. I grew up skiing, fishing, camping, went through 4-H raising and training colts- got bucked off more times than I can count. Pretty much the perfect life... until puberty. Always shy and self-conscious, I lived to escape into stories. And wrote. Always.

I have a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Library Science from Montana State University and became an elementary school librarian in Bigfork, MT where I finally hit my stride.

I'm an artist, love to draw, paint, create funky art out of wire, fabric and cloth; gardening, cross country skiing, mountains, horses and herons. I'm not a traveler, love movies, science fiction, string theory, space opera, fantasy fiction and classical literature. My favorite author aside from Shakespeare is Neil Gaiman. My favorite bands are The Decemberists (they broke up) and The Barenaked Ladies (they sort of broke up too). Absolutely love soundtracks.

I have Meniere's Disease, a degenerative disorder of the inner ear that causes mean vertigo at times. Diet, exercise and medication keeps it mostly under control. Bird watching and building snow sculptures helps. Also sleeping. Love my crazy, vivid dreams.

An Excerpt
Flipping on her VPEG player, Lily donned her paint smock, snatched up her pallet and brushes and disappeared into alizarin crimson, the perfect color to bring the sensuality of her male nude to life.  Such a brazen red would highlight the man's strength, the masculine line of his jaw and chin, his confident brow.  Oh yes, his vigorous, male features definitely needed more attention...
Hours passed while songs shuffled in her comp-deck and Lily lost herself inside her work, brushing paint in long, sensual strokes across the curve of a manly shoulder, over the shadow of his collarbone, emphasizing an arched cheekbone or the sweet curve of his mouth.  She breathed in linseed oil, tasted licorice and worked her magic. The nude took on a vitality of his own, arm stretched upward towards the light, face lifted in anticipation.  His face looked nothing like the model she'd sketched in her drawing class Monday night but that always happened, her own inner vision replacing a less substantial reality.
When at last she stepped back and stretched to relieve cramped muscles, Lily felt a jolt of pleasure at her creation.  The painting worked composition wise, the greens and purples an ambiguous dark behind his skin of crimson and gold glowing with virility.  She dropped her brush in a jar of waiting paint thinner, tugged free other paintbrushes she'd absently stuck in her hair and realized a hot bath would ease her aching bones and perhaps cool the tingling excitement she felt after stroking paint over male muscles.

She had pulled her paint smock off over her head, skimmed out of her t-shirt and unzipped her jeans when she heard a loud sucking sound behind her. Turning, Lily watched in  horror as the figure in the painting moved. Just a twitch of a hand at first, a stretch of an arm. Then in one violent lunge the man tore himself free of the canvas and stepped onto the floor, real, animated, looking around her apartment with every naked inch of his skin gleaming in fresh oil.

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Black Lion Virtual Book Tours said...

It's wonderful to have you on tour with us Pam!

Cathryn Cade said...


Love the excerpt. Good luck with the tour, looks like you're in good hands, er, paws.


Pam B. Morris said...

Thanks, Cathryn. This is my first blog tour and MK has made it so great, easy... a must for me as you know! Miss you and the gang...

Pam B. Morris said...

Thank you so much, Black Lion and MK, for this awesome opportunity! You made my first tour, a concept a bit daunting, I imagined, so easy and fun. So appreciate it.

teresa said...

Good luck with your blog tour! And I must say you're introduction left me longing for fluffy pines and beautiful Montana!

Teresa Blue

Pam B. Morris said...

Thank you, Teresa. The smoke from all the fires here has finally cleared and we can finally see the trees and mountains after two months. Indian summer has arrived, it is spectacular!!

Unknown said...

I loved your book, Pam, because it was beautifully written and highly original. I wish you many sales.

Sharon Clare said...

I'm reading Smitten Image now and loving every charming turn of phrase. This is a book to rival Harry Potter!!

Best of luck with your tour, Pam!

Pam B. Morris said...

Thank you, Deborah, for always saying nice things about my writing. You're the best. I plan on diving into After the Fall this weekend. Can't wait.

Unknown said...

Best of luck on the Blog Tour. Smitten Image is my kind of book!

Pam B. Morris said...

Thank you, Sharon. Wow, what a great thing to say and I <3 you for it!! The learning curve upward never stops, does it? You've been so great lately, doing so much, hope you're getting time to read more than just Smitten!!

Pam B. Morris said...

Thanks, Rowena. Can you tell I had a blast writing it? And that I have a funny bone and it's my head??! Nice of you to stop by and comment. I so appreciate it!

Elizabeth Meyette said...

Loved Smitten Image, Pam! I've recommended it to many family members and friends.

Unknown said...

Yay!!! So wonderful. I love Smitten Image!

Pam B. Morris said...

Thank you, Betty and Rionna! What would I do without you two awesomest of women! Love and appreciate your constant support. Thanks!!