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Knowing is not Enough: Interview and giveaway

'Knowing is not enough'
by Patricia Walker Chatman

Quick Facts                                        
Release Date: January 12, 2014
Genre: Fiction (Romance)
Formats to buy: Book (Hard Copy) and ebook (Kindle)

Book Synopsis

"Till death do us part" comes a lot faster than Alex expects. Her husband, Jake, is very much alive, but they are apart as two married people can get. 

Jake has cheated on Alex yet again, but this time, public betrayal is more than she can stomach or ignore. Alex can't defend or justify staying in a marriage marred by infidelity and elaborate lies anymore, so she decides finally to deal with the reality of her life; it's a mess. 

After seven years of marriage, 40-year-old Alex is a newly single woman who hasn't been without a man since college. Before embarking on a new relationship, she must take time to figure out why she is constantly attracted to men who are emotionally unavailable. 

Through the help of friends and family Alex learns painfully at times, that before she can attract a "real man” she must first become a "real 


Happily-ever-after ended sooner than I’d expected.

Women are the only people who can find truth in a lie. Especially when it comes to the men in our lives. I conned myself into believing our lies were true. To the outside world we had the perfect marriage, but all houses look good from the curb. Our marriage, not unlike any other, lived amid accusations and disappointments. Then it hits you, somewhere between washing dishes and folding clothes—is this all there is for me?

I didn’t know the answer to that. Wish I did. What I did know was happiness would never exist for me in this union.
It was time. Neither one of us would get what we needed to stay in this marriage from words alone. I didn’t have the passion or the energy to do anything about us. Not anymore. It was time to let go of the lie and embrace reality. Jake was being written out of my story. Now all there was left to do was tell him.
I invited him back to our, soon to my house. I sat down at the kitchen table, reflecting about how we’d argued over the buying that very piece of furniture. Dressed in clothing I’d picked out for his birthday, Jake pulled out a chair and joined me.
I examined his eyes in search of the love I knew a century ago. Initially, separating for a while seemed to be a good idea. Looking at him, I’m not so sure anymore. He appeared to be a new person, different, from the man I’d known. We both have lived six months of life apart. Considering all he achieved with other women living in the same house, I can only imagine what or whom he’s gotten into without me. Starting over would mean getting to know this man, accept his lies, and his mistakes. I had absolutely no desire to do that.
I said, “Our lives are such a mess. Let’s just get this over with.”
“I’m not going to argue with you Alex. I know what it is, but I don’t think divorce is the answer. You need to try to forgive me.”
“For what?” I got up and poured myself a cup of coffee. “Why would I do that with someone who doesn’t love me?” I returned to my seat next to him. He frowned. “You misinterpreted what I said. I didn’t mean I don’t love you at all.”
“I’m confused. Exactly what does not love you mean? You either love me or you don’t, and you clearly said you didn’t.” I took a sip. “Am I missing something?”
Jake made a dismissive gesture with his hand. “I only meant the romantic love I felt for you is gone, not that I don’t love you. Of course I love you.”
“Do you see,” I waved my finger, “those kind of statements only make sense to anybody with a penis? I love you enough to live in the same house with you, but not enough to touch you?”
“Don’t twist my words Alex. I think marriage counseling could help us find what’s missing.”
I quickly lost patience with him. “Okay—again, maybe it’s me, what exactly did we lose? Considering you never stopped dating.” I threw my hands up in exasperation. “I’m so tired of us. You can’t misplace what we never had.”
“So you don’t even want to try?”I didn’t meet his eyes. “Jake—you cheated on me days before our wedding. These wounds aren’t healing anymore. I’m carrying them and it’s causing permanent mental damage now. I can’t keep doing this—I won’t.” I paused. “Nobody walks around raindrops Jake . . . not even you.”
“Alex, just think about it. We’ve got to much invested in this, but if it’s what you want me to do—I’ll sign the papers to file right now.”
I stood up and walked out of the kitchen.
“Where are you going?”
“To get a pen.”

The Author

For over twenty years, Patricia Walker Chatman has worked in the human service industry. In 2010, Patricia accepted a Faculty Associate position facilitating Financial Management for Human Services and various Business Topics. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources with a specialization in Training and Development. A Master Degree in Public Policy and Administration, and anticipates completing her doctorate in Public Policy Administration, May 2014. Knowing Is Not Enough is Patricia’s first novel.

Find more about her at:


1.      For people who haven’t heard of "KNOWING IS NOT ENOUGH" , make a brief description.
The name of the book is “Knowing is not Enough”. The main character in the book is named Alex. Alex is accomplished in all aspects of her life except for love. After years of dealing with a cheating husband, Alex finally decides to move on with her life without Jake. “Knowing is not Enough” takes the reader along her journey of self-discovery and finding new love.

2.      When did you decided to become a writer?

I’ve always wrote stories. However, I typically write grants, proposals, projects etc. as a part of my profession. My creative writing started well before my work professionally. I kept a journal throughout my formative years, wrote short stories and children’s books. “Knowing is not Enough” is the first novel that I’ve shared with the world.

3.      What does your family think of your works?

My family is my greatest source of support. They are over the moon with elation not only for the great response we have received for the book, but realizing a dream of becoming a published author, which is why the book is dedicated to my son and parents. My family and friends really do allow me to live out loud.

4.      Do you have specific habits when you write?

Yes! I absolutely love movies. I hate writing at a desk. I generally write in my bed with one of my favorite movies playing and a bag of Haribo Gummi Bears by my side. All of these things make a creative, productive day.

5.    Which of your characters is your favorite and why?

I am in love with Sanford. He is my clear favorite because he is gentle, kind and patient. I don’t know if Sanford felt he and Alex would ever be together. I think from the moment he saw her she was the one for him. He just hoped one day she would catch up, not knowing if she ever would. I just love how he continues to remain true to himself despite Alex’s tendency to be a bit indecisive.

6.      If you could have coffee with any character of any book, who would it be and why?

It would definitely be Tobey. Tobey is a straight shooter and she’s going to tell you her version of the truth from her view of the world whether you want to hear it or not. She’s heavy handed, but it comes from a good place. I think it’s refreshing to have a friendship with someone that isn’t so fragile where you can’t be honest with one another and still remain friends. The relationship between Tobey and Alex is a good one and it works because they both live in a judgment free zone where keeping score is not allowed.

7.      If you could meet any person in the world who would it be and why?

Toni Morrison hands down. As a lifelong student I would want to soak up as much knowledge from her teachings as I can to improve on my craft. To have her critique my work would be a dream come true. As I have indicated in everything I write The Bluest Eye is my favorite book and I believe every little chocolate and caramel girl should read it. I saw myself woven in every seam of her words. I love it!

8.  Best reward as a writer?

Oh, wow to have people read your book! I am currently working on a book that will be offered for free. I desire to be an author that writes great stories. My reward is when I receive an email from someone sharing they read the book.

9. Biggest trouble you faced as a writer?

I think I’m not unique in this respect, but my biggest trouble is time. I never have enough of it. I am working full-time, teaching part-time and I am completing my dissertation. My son is graduating from high school this year and we simply don’t have enough time for everything. The good thing is I’m queen of multi-tasking, so I do manage to fit time in for writing.

10.   Do you review others’ books? Are you nice or are you mean? :P

Yes, I do provide reviews for others books. I’m nice, but honest because I believe only honesty can aid the writer to grow their craft. I have also had some strong critiques of my writing and I had to step away for a second to ensure I wasn’t taking the feedback personally, but using it for the purpose it was given. I am extra mindful of my wording or how I frame and shape my comments because I don’t want the writer to get lost interpreting my emotion rather than focusing on what is being said.

11.  Favorite food? Do you cook?

My favorite food is actually not something I cook J I love those fried macaroni and cheese balls at the Cheesecake Factory. Oh my goodness they are my new favorite thing. Unfortunately, I’m sure they aren’t very good for me so it is a treat whenever I permit myself to have them. Now, with that being said, I believe I’m an excellent cook I just don’t have to time to do it.

12.  What thing you wish you could stop doing and you can’t?

Oh my goodness I wish I could stop eating candy, but I can’t! I love it. I will stop for periods at a time throughout the year, but I always start back up. Typically, I permit myself to go wild on Halloween and Easter. After that it’s back to my routine . . . no candy L

13.  Do you have a nice relationship with your fans?

Yes, I must say I do. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a Miley Cirus fan base, but the ones I do have are so generous to me even going as far to volunteer at events. I honestly am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people who believe in me and enjoy my writings.

14.  If someone made a movie of your life, which event MUST be included?

My divorce and everything I felt going through that process. It made me who I am today and the experience gave birth to Alex the main character in the book. I was hurt, angry and conflicted. I needed to know I would be okay one day. As a result, I started interviewing other women who were divorced to find out how did they make it through to get back to the woman they once was. What I learned from those interviews changed my life, and made me whole again.

International. One winner.

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