Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Message from the President: Passing the Torch

What is in your heart?
Is that a question we pause to ask ourselves? If someone asked us if we’re doing what our heart most desires, would we be able to say yes?
One of the most rewarding experiences I have had since I leaped into the book industry, was being able to interact with, and support, so many wonderful authors. Writing a book is difficult enough, but when you add in the stresses of promotion, it can become daunting. I had a desire to help ease some of the stresses of book promotion for authors, and so began Black Lion Virtual Book Tours. After a short time it was obvious that I wanted to do even more than what time allowed. The enjoyment I gained from working with talented and inspiring authors had me pressing forward as I attempted to make their tour experiences as successful as possible while juggling a writing career.
I do not set out to begin something and then let it go—it is not in my nature to do so, but the time came when I had to make a choice between dedicating my writing career to tour promotions or writing my books. Writing is in my heart, and my passion for writing must be fueled, so the decision should have been a simple one—it was not.
But this is not the end of Black Lion Virtual Book Tours because someone stepped forward with a desire to continue the work. I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Rhomy PP and Laura A.—they will take over the reins at BL in the new year and has great enthusiasm for continuing the work.
It has been my greatest pleasure to be a part of the virtual book tour industry, no matter how for how brief a time. You have made the experience an enlightening and enjoyable one, and I wish all authors the greatest of success with their future endeavors.
Never give up, never let anyone get you down, and remember to always remember that first moment when you became a writer—the beginning is important to understanding why you took that first step, and why you should never stop writing.
With my fondest wishes and gratitude,
MK McClintock

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