Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black Lion Bulletin Submissions

We’re currently recruiting for article and post writers for the Black Lion Bulletin, our monthly newsletter. These are great opportunities for free promotion of your writing and/or blogs.
  • When an article is submitted, and approved, the author or blogger will also receive a ½ page feature in the newsletter. We will be accepting 2-3 articles per month. Submission is free, but must follow our guidelines. For this purpose those are: Clean content and it must be an article related to, or beneficial to writers and readers. 
  • We’re also accepting up to five author features per month. This is free to authors who would like a ½ page feature in the monthly newsletter. 
  • Book Cover feature! We’re going to hold a monthly contest for a book cover feature. The winning cover will be featured as a full-page, with up to three author and book links. 
Submission forms and guidelines can be found at:  http://www.blackliontours.com/#!black-lion-bulletin-submission/c1tw4.

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